Questioning the Edges of Design

Speaking and Workshops

I’m a passionate speaker and have spoken at events, large and small, all over the world. I’ve delivered keynotes, opened and closed conferences, and run full- and half-day workshops on a wide variety of topics. I’m known for my entertaining style, which is educational, but – equally importantly – enjoyable.

In addition to speaking at Build, New Adventures, and Industry, I’ve also worked with private clients to deliver bespoke presentations and workshops. As a Senior Lecturer at The Belfast School of Art, I have over a decade of speaking experience. I’m able to customise my content to suit your audience, be it large or small, and I’d be happy to explore potential topics with you. I’ve provided a comprehensive list of my speaking and workshops below.

If you’re running a conference, I’d love to work with you. Get in touch.

Forthcoming Events

A Unified Theory of Everything

FOWD, New York
2-4 November, 2015

Idea Factories (Workshop)

FOWD, New York
2-4 November, 2015


Planned Procrastination

Rebase, Dublin
2 October, 2015

Idea Factories (Workshop)

Rebase, Dublin
1 October, 2015

The Power of Procrastination

CREATE 2015, Derry
17 September, 2015

Go Deeper

HybridConf, Dublin
20-21 August, 2015

The Craft of Words

Swipe Summit, Dublin
28 May, 2015

Life 2.0

Talk Web Design, London
21 May, 2015

107 Days

DICE Conference, Letterkenny
16-17 April, 2015

Idea Factories (Workshop)

Smashing Conference, Oxford
17-18 March, 2015

A Good Writer is a Good Thinker

Smashing Conference, Oxford
17-18 March, 2015

Your Key Asset

ConfConf, Birmingham
30 January, 2015

Design for the Web

Work in the Web, Harrogate
21-23 January, 2015

Anti-Glacial Education

Hey!, Leeds
20 January, 2015

Levelling Up

Innovation Boost, Belfast
15 January, 2015


A Rather Large Tutorial

Break, Belfast
12 November, 2014

The Web Is Knowledge

The Web Is…, Cardiff
30 October, 2014

It's About Time

Smashing Conference, Freiburg
15 September, 2014

Ideas Are Easy, Implementation Is Hard

Generate Conference, London
26 September, 2014

MINIMAL (Creative Morning’s Theme)

Creative Mornings, Dublin
27 June, 2014

The Craft of Words

UX Masterclass, Dublin
24 June, 2014


Web Teaching Day, Manchester
15 May, 2014

Managing a Mind

Hey!Stac, Leeds
25 March, 2014

Idea Factories

Awwwards, Paris
14 February, 2014

The Spark

MK Geek Night All-Dayer, Milton Keynes
24 January, 2014

Speaking and Workshops, 2013


Managing a Mind

T44U, Dublin
22 November, 2013

The Spark

Shopify Meetup, Belfast
13 November, 2013

A Non-Graceful Shutdown

Brooklyn Beta, New York
9 October, 2013

Storytelling and Social Media

Craft Month, Belfast
28 August, 2013

Idea Factories Private Conference, Amsterdam
12 June, 2013

We Are Navigators

Crafthouse, Dublin
14 May, 2013

These Go To Eleven

Kerning, Faenza
2 May, 2013

We Are Navigators

Industry, Newcastle
24 April, 2013

Speaking and Workshops, 2012


The Craft of Web Typography

Inspire Conference, Leiden
12 December, 2012

The Art of Typography

Refresh LX, Lisbon
21 September, 2012

Crafting Typography for a Future Friendly Web

Refresh LX, Lisbon
20 September, 2012

Responsive Strategies

Europeana, Leuven
14 June, 2012

You Are A Channel

ESAD, Porto
31 May, 2012

Good Ideas Grow on Paper

ESAD, Porto
30 May, 2012

You Are A Channel

FOWD, London
16 May, 2012

Good Ideas Grow on Paper

FOWD, London
14 May, 2012

Paper Is Your Friend

New Adventures, Nottingham
18 January, 2012

Speaking and Workshops, 2011


The Journey

Build, Belfast
10 November, 2011

Analogue Heaven

Build, Belfast
8 November, 2011

Product DNA

Evolve, Belfast
21 October, 2011

Designing the Fluid Web

Frontend, Oslo
10 October, 2011

Building Brand Value

Evolve, Belfast
30 September, 2011

Designing the Sustainable Web

DrupalCon, London
22 August, 2011

Business Blueprinting

Evolve, Belfast
6 May, 2011

Speaking and Workshops, 2010


Paper Is Your Friend

Build, Belfast
9 November, 2010

Learning from the Masters

Think Vitamin, Screencast
27 October, 2010

Ordinary Isn't Good Enough

Sneak Preview, Genk
24 September, 2010

The Mix

Web Teaching Day, Manchester
6 September, 2010

UX Masterclass

FOWD, London
18 May, 2010

Beginning HTML5 and CSS3

Uncommon Knowledge, Belfast
27 March, 2010

Beginning HTML5 and CSS3

Design by Front Private Masterclass, Belfast
11 February, 2010

Speaking and Workshops, 2009


Beginning HTML5 and CSS3

Build, Belfast
4 November, 2009

The State of Web Typography

Refresh, Belfast
21 September, 2009

A Thousand Words

FOWD, Belfast
2 September, 2009